Saturday, August 31, 2013

Homemade mix mushroom spaghetti

time prepare 30min..
-spaghetti depend on serving amount..
-mushroom it can be buttom mushroom too... ask urself wat u like... but make sure not to soak the mushroom in the water. just wash it with running water .
*most important ingredient + some chili sauce
add some fresh tomatoes too...
-salt, sugar ( tomatoes sauce is actually sour)
* side dishes can be some salad leaves, chicken aparagus, or it can be beacon too..

1. boil ur hot water, wait til it fully boiled add some salt, oil... put ur spaghetti let it cook arround 10-15minute.. (its depend on how u like...)
2. prepare ur sauce now... put some butter into ur flying pan..
           - put ur mixed mushroom into  plying pan.
           - add ur sauces. mix them well
           - add some water in
           - add ur salt and sugar ( now! u can taste it)
3. take out the mushroom from ur flying pan
p/s: if u nvr take out the mushroom before adding ur spaghetti in, ur mushroom will be over cook...
4 left the sauce in flying pan now add ur spaghetti in
5. mix it equally in the sauce until all ur spagehtti stick on the sauce.
 its done... its so easy to cook and nice to eat.. side dishes can de even steak with small amount of spaghetti... enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To the one i miss the most and i gonna loss u forever SPECIAL WORD FOR YOU...

i gonna lose u ever and ever... zheng... i know u hate to see what i'm doing now... but i got no choice and i just cant control it.. dearest gor... im sorry.. i cant be with you anymore... why its just so sudden? what i can do for u ya? im really blank at this moment... gor, how can u just leave and go? dont you feel sad? gor do you know that i miss ur voice? i miss ur scolding... i mis the way u manja with me... i miss the way u threaten me.. with ur encourage i am who i am today.. without u now i duno wat i will be... i miss u so so so much... gor... come and scold me now... i wont fight with u now... i wont scold u back this time.. i will let u win this time as u say i always win from fighting with u...gor... how r u now? are u in pain? are u ok?  dun worry ya... everything gonna be al right soon... dun be scared... gor... that day when i admitted u have scolded me that i never take good care of myself right? ok, i promised u that i will take good care but can u deal with me? please come back to me... and dun leave me alone anymore... can u?  gor i miss ur voice of singing... everytime when michael get new song u will sing for me but this times u havent.. u have promised me u will sing it in one day right? y u break the promise? gor... pls wake up and sing it to me... u have promised me... u said right? cant tell lies... u promised u wil come ipoh when raya time right? there is another few days to go only... thn we can have a meet.. thn we can enjoy again... y cant u just dun leave... y r u so cruel gving me empty promises... gor!! do you know that I MISS YOU SO MUCH! i have waited for half a year to meet u again, but that is so cruel to not allow us to meet... u say u want to see conjuring with me right.. u asked me to keep the movie voucher for u.. u want to see how i scream inside the cinema right? u havent see yet... i dun allow u to sleep without my permission.... that day u are still alright to acccompany me in wechat video call when i cant sleep in hospital... u have promised me if i get insomnia u will be always with me to pujuk me sleep... but this two days i gt very bad insomnia and u are not here for me... when my phone rang u know how much i hope that is u r the one calling me and message me... im very headache and gastric pain now... where is my massage and my hot chocolate? gor... im get use with life with u... u know about it.. everytime when i have problem and u will be the one always with me and will be the one solve the problem for me... how is it now? who am i going to look for when i got problem? who going to solve for me this time? do you know that all of us are missing u? can u pls come back and can they tell me its just a joke and u are just very fine and u are alright? 
when no one is apreciate me and u r the one tell me not to worry, they dun apreciate u will appreciate me. when they is sumone bullied me, u will always be there to help me out.. when i was down u will always be the one who make me laugh.. when i was stress u will always sing for me and play piano for me. when i was insomnia u will be the one always with me no matter how late i fall sleep, u will be singing until i fall sleep, when i was in depress u will be the best person to talk to. when i have problem with my homework u will be the one to help me out with ur best friend GOOGLE.. although u wont let me know when u was unhappy, stress, down. i still remeber got once i get to know that u r unhappy, and wat i did is just tell u a joke and ur reaction is ' winnie, pls dun tell gor any jokes cause it is just too lame... sing for me a song ok?' i miss the time to sing for u... and same too i miss the time u sing for me...when i was happy u r the first one i want to share to..  when i tell u i have graduate and i get the highest marks in malaysia nursing boards exam, u have promise me to bring me to have a vacation and u will gv me one thing which i want or like... u ask me to think where are we to go... we havent decide yet right? gor i dun want to go anywhere and wat i want is u come back to me... im not allow u to go anywhere! u have promise u wont go anywhere without my permission... i want u to come back now! i dun care where r u now! i gonna get into insomnia again.. im frustated now and where r u? where is my song? GOR! I WANT YOU TO COME BACK NOW!! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

mad without a reason...

mood is totally out... the worst is out without a reason... m i missing him? him??? who i mean? my heart is without anyone now? going back to depression? wat is the reason? i dun even know the reason... wat my brain is thinking? wat im doing? feeling friends are leaving slowly by slowly? wat i have now is just my family... is she is the only i can shared? who else i can? i hate now!!! i hate this kind of feeling... but pls... wat i can do now? my brain is full of question marks... who else i can believe? can anyone tell me? hmmmm.... depressed....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

i love my current life!!! enjoy!!!

lont time never update my blog here... hope there is still people to read about me... there is alot of happiness and unhappy arround me... happiness= i have a group of good friends which really taking care of me and there is a group of tutor and clinical instructor which really care me and teaches me alot, when i had did something wrong and even i have my personal problem... i really thanks them alot... especially one tutor and one clinical instructor. i feel very touch when they are telling me that they are treating me like their own daughter... thank you very much.. happiness= i have done my final well with 3 a and 1 b+. CGPA 3.87... to my beloved tutor and clinical instructor... i have tried my best.. thank you very much for teaching me patiently... i never disapoint u all... i had join fatimah school of nursing one and half years, and there is alot of happiness even there is also unhappy... i had learned alot... im very happy and felt lucky i still have a chance to upgrade myself... there is a million word i cant just type here, there is a million of thanks with i cant just express myself, there is alot of love which i just tell out from my mouth... i'm very happy to know all my coursemate wven there is anemie oso... anyhow... they is a chance to gather us and muake us be cooperate... i do love u all!!! thanks all my friend to be friend with gratefull that i had a group of goog friend...

Friday, June 18, 2010



Sunday, June 6, 2010

i should choose the one i love or the one who love me??


我不忍 我不能


我不问 我不能


爱我的人为 我付出一切

Thursday, June 3, 2010


不做考虑也没半点犹豫, 我就说了这一句我等你, 所以你可以离去,不相信你还会回心转意,是我任性才决定要等你,我眼中的泪没掉过一滴,只是随你背影,慢 慢倒流进心里,我等你半年为期,逾 期狠狠把你忘记,不止是伤心的还包括一切甜蜜要等你,要证明自己我可以纵容你在心底